Beardski Ski Mask Comes With A 12-Inch Fake Beard

The Beardcap is cute and all, but it really is quite tame for a wearable fake beard accessory.  If you’re going to rock a fake beard, might as well turn yourself into a real caveman and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Beardski.

An insulating ski mask with a monster-length growth of hair dangling off it, this novelty accessory should make you look like the absolute weirdo in the slopes.   We would, however, caution you about wearing the grey version in areas where reports of the abominable snowman is rampant — yep, that’s what the dude in the picture above looks like.

The Beardski comes in five styles: biker (gray), pirate (black), prospector (brown), viking (blonde) and zeke (red).  The insulating masks are made from woven thermal fleece with waterproof neoprene lining, so they should keep your ears, cheeks and lips toasty while skiing, boarding or luging it out in thick powder.  Mask covers the ears, half of the face and part of the neck, with the 12-inch beard hanging down up to your chest area.

While designed for the slopes, you can of course  use it for your daily adventures provided you want to go through them looking like an ungroomed mountain ape or something.  The product page claims it’s non-flammable too, so there’s no danger of brushing up on someone’s cigarette and setting your face on fire while you’re living it up.  Which, if you’re a cranky dude who hates everything that makes others chuckle, probably sucks.

Firebox has the Beardski on pre-order, priced at £24.99.