BearVault Protects Your Food From Hungry Woodland Creatures

Your packed food is delicious. When you’re camping or hiking, though, don’t advertise it to the local wildlife, lest you want to incur a visit from hungry animals looking for an easy meal. How to do that? Keep your grub inside the BearVault BV500, a durable food container that locks in scents (so animals don’t smell it) and protects your food with a bear-proof locking mechanism.

In the container’s history, it’s only ever been defeated by one bear (i.e. the shaggy mammal figured out how to unlock it), who resides in the Marcy Dam area of the Adirondacks in upstate New York. So if that’s where you’re going, I suggest hiding your food inside a steel vault because that’s the only thing that should keep it safe.

For everyone else, the BearVault should do the job nicely. Weighing under 3 lbs when empty, it can hold up to 700 cubic inches of food inside its heavy-duty polycarbonate frame. It’s so sturdy, in fact, that you can use it as a stool when you need an extra seat around the camp. The almost bear-proof lid shuts out water too, sealing your food tight even through the rain. Features include a translucent vault (so you can see where you’re keeping the chili), dimpled exterior (so you can tie it down with straps) and a snapping bump/tab locking mechanism.

While it’s not 100% secure, it’s probably as close as you’ll get to having your food completely protected from animals who prey on stupid campers and their delicious city cooking. It’s supposed to carry the recommendations of both the Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group and the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, neither of which I even knew existed.

Priced at around $64, the BearVault should make the ideal container for stowing food the next time you venture into the outdoors.  Would work well to hide your favorite cookies under the bed too, so your kids can’t sniff it and raid the entire stash.

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