Beastgrip Pro Turns Any Smartphone Into A Pro-Grade Shooting Rig


Your smartphone is already a heck of a camera. Problem is, it’s not really shaped like a camera, making it a lot less easier to control during shooting, especially when you need to use a bunch of accessories along. The Beastgrip Pro changes that.

A rig system, it provides a stable frame that makes it easier to handle your camera when shooting photos and videos, all while incorporating mounts for adding accessories into the mix. Even better, it works with practically every smartphone in existence (provided your smartphone isn’t a robot), so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using an iPhone, one of Samsung’s innumerable models, or an obscure Chinese brand with a killer camera in tow – this thing should accommodate it without presenting any problems.


The Beastgrip Pro comes with five 1/4″-20 UNC mounts for adding tripods, microphones, and other accessories to your smartphone photography setup, along with a cold shoe mount and a three-axis-adjustable 37mm threaded mount for pairing it with any compatible filters and lenses. As you can imagine, that enables some seriously elaborate videography setup, allowing you to turn an erstwhile smartphone into a professional-looking rig.


Construction is glass-filled injection-molded nylon, with rubber clamps and anodized aluminum thumb screws, so this thing should hold up to seeing plenty of use. Optional accessories include a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a DOF attachment for using the rig with any full-sized SLR lenses currently in your stash.


Available now, the Beastgrip Pro is priced at $139.99.

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