Ch-Ch-Ch-Check It Out: Beastie Boys Action Figures

It sucks being an aging hipster.  Good news is, you’ve still got the Beastie Boys to dance like an aging hipster to.   Even better news, you can have Mike D, Ad Rock and MCA to love and to hold with these Beastie Boys Action Figures.

Not the tracksuit-wearing Fight for Your Right Beastie Boys from back when you were a budding hipster, though.  This one borrows, instead, from the trio’s latest “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” music video, a Spike Jonze-directed 11 minute treat for your aging hipster pleasure.

Produced by Nowhere Ltd. and Bathing Ape, the articulated Beastie Boys Action Figures measure 11.5 inches tall and bear an impressive likeness that should let you shoot your own stop-motion music videos with the group (if you’re into that).   Each one comes dressed in “button down shirts, pants, and shoes” to offend your remaining hipster sensibilities.  Just in case you want to dress them up, they come bearing replacement clothes too, with three sets of white jump suits, safety goggles, work boots, safety vests, belts, Japanese decal stickers and hand attachments included.

The entire set comes packaged in a metal box measuring 16 x 12 inches, so you’ve got a place to store your dolls after playing “evil record label” with them.  As a bonus, you also get the two-disc Deluxe version of the “Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science” along with the action figure set.

All proceeds of the sales from the Beastie Boys Action Figures will go to charity, so your aging hipster ass can feel good knowing your money’s going to good use.  Chances are, you’re not going to feel good about the $750 price, though.

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