Beauty Lift High Nose Is The New Poor Man’s Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty what?  Nose operation who?  Ditch expensive surgery and get a better nose the natural way with the Beauty Lift High Nose, a clip-on vibrator that claims to raise the bridge of your nose, giving your face a more chiseled profile.

Made in Japan (uhmmm…where else?) by Omni, the plastic surgery alternative performs the all-natural nose job  by sending vibrations through the nasal bone.  Used for three minutes a day, it will purportedly firm your olfactory organ into a better-angled, more Caucasian-like shape.

The Beauty Lift High Nose clips to the bridge of the nose and sends its vibrations using various contact points placed at the bottom, sides and front.  Made from ABS plastic, silicone and steel, it measures 2.8 x 2.0 x 2.8 inches and weighs 25 grams.   The electric vibrations are initiated by a bundled lithium CR203 battery.

Granted, this thing sounds worse than those vibration belts that are supposed to give you six packs.  However, there’s no way you won’t find anyone who puts this thing on their face such a fascinating subject (to introduce to a Nigerian prince with money to bring to America, that is).

Japan Trend currently has the Beauty Lift High Nose in their inventory, priced at a low, low price (compared to getting actual surgery) of $144.  Beware plastic surgeons, your days are numbered.  Or maybe not.

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