Bedpack Adds Pockets On Both Sides Of Your Bed

We can always use more pockets.  Even in bed.  And plenty of pockets is exactly what the Bedpack gets you.

Designed by Eveline Borgermans, it’s basically a long stretch of fabric that runs from one side of the bed to the other.  You can put it anywhere on the bed, although they recommend keeping it under the pillows for minimal obstruction.

On both ends of each Bedpack comes an assortment of pockets: one large, two medium, two small plus a rear compartment.  That means two sets of storage compartments, so your stash need not be mixed in with whoever shares your sheets.  The large pockets should be big enough to hold an iPad and most laptops, while the mid-sized ones should be good for holding a small handheld pistol (probably not this shotgun revolver) or a Vampire Flashlight.

It’s made from a strong blend of cotton/polyester and can be washed like any regular fabric.  The product page recommends it as a replacement for the night table, though it will probably work better as a complement to it.  I mean, your bedside table will definitely look neater without any of the usual crap littered all over it.

The Bedpack is available in a variety of colors and bed sizes, priced at €20.

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