This Is A Beer Briefcase For The Beer-Drinking Pro

It doesn’t matter whether you carry those half-dozen bottles on their original six-pack carton, a beer coathanger, or some other specialty contraption, walking around with a six-pack of booze is never classy.  Walking around with a briefcase, on the other hand, always seems dignified.  That’s why the Beer Briefcase exists.

Perfect for transporting a healthy supply of beer during a workday, the briefcase comes with designated slots that nestle each bottle around a layer of protective foam.  That way, you don’t only get to tow a half-dozen beers around while wearing office clothes without looking like an antisocial drunk, the beer stays protected the entire time, too.

From the outside, the Beer Briefcase look like a regular attaché, the kind you’ll tote around to carry important documents and other office supplies.  Decked in a shiny metal shell and protected by dual combination locks, you’ll look like you’re toting top-secret documents instead of alcoholic suds, so you can tell people on the subway you’re carrying something of massive value, while actually just being ready to celebrate happy hour any time you feel like it.  It measures 18 x 12 x 3.5 inches.

Sure, it’s overkill, but the Beer Briefcase just might be the classiest way to bring a six-pack of libations on the go.  It’s available now, priced at $44.99.

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