Beer Can Track Lights – Coolest Lighting For A Home Bar Ever

Outfitting your home bar with a lighting system?  If you’re setting up a stretch of track lights along the space, you may want to consider the Beer Can Track Light Head.

Made by Etsy seller ZAL Creations, it’s an aim-adjustable track lamp that uses an empty beer can as its shell.  That way, your mini bar becomes a literal drunk heaven, complete with alcohol-themed accessories even up in the ceiling.

The Beer Can Track Head is designed to install on a single circuit 3-wire continuous track, which is currently one of the most common setups for track lighting systems.  It’s also compatible with Halo’s product range, so replacing units and parts should be easy.   If you’re looking to deck your mini-bar with a little more flair than what standard lighting units will allow, this definitely fits right in as a striking fixture.

ZAL Creations uses empty Sapporo beer cans for the track lighting, retaining its metal shell, shiny silver finish and 6.5 x 7.5 x 3 inch dimensions.  All hardware is obscured from sight, so it literally just looks like a beer can with a light at the end hanging off your ceiling.  They use a dimmable PAR20 50W 120V halogen flood light bulb and a ceramic bulb socket for all units.

Want one?  You can get the Beer Can Track Head from ZAL Creations’ Etsy store.  It’s made to order (two to three weeks turnaround), priced at $87.

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