Beer Defense Tool Lets You Pop Caps, Maim Everyone Who Comes Near

One bottle of beer, five thirsty people.  What kind of mayhem do you suppose will ensue?

With the Beer Defense Tool, you get a chance to force things in your favor.  Sporting a bottle opener on one end and a spike hook on the other, it’s all that a greedy beer drinker can ever ask for.

Race to grab the brewsky first, embrace it in your grubby arms and find a secure spot to enjoy your slightly fermented beverage.  Pop the lid with the Beer Defense Tool and hold it on one hand while drinking, all while keeping a close eye on anyone who walks in to the vicinity, eager to wrap their lips around your drink.

Built from a salvaged railroad spike, the Beer Defense Tool is a one-off handmade piece.  Found popped out on the tracks, the creator brought it home, put it to a forge and shaped it into the cap-popping death-hook that it is today.  It’s been coated with an oil finish for added protection against rust.

Far from sleek and well-made, the utility tool actually looks like the work of a 100-year old swordsmith with shaking hands and bad eyesight.  It’s awesome-looking, but mighty rough around the edges.   The pits along the surface, according to the creator, are the result of the original rust cleaned out from the found spike.  All the uneven surfaces, you can attribute to bad hammering from the centenarian metal-worker.  What a tale (you can invent your own, of course)!

The Beer Defense Tool is currently available in Etsy for $45.

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