Beer Spike Is A Dedicated Keychain Tool For Beer Drinkers


Its creators call it “the most advanced beer drinker’s tool in the universe.” Which, in all honesty, is a whole load of hyperbole. That’s not putting shade on the Beer Spike, though, because it’s a genuinely interesting tool for the beer enthusiasts among us.

A small keychain-sized tool, it bundles a quarter of basic functions aimed at folks who like to enjoy a can or bottle of suds. Whether you drink beer partying on weekends, enjoy a cold glass every now and then, or finish a six-pack as a daily ritual, you should find plenty of uses for this beer drinking tool.


The Beer Spike comes with four functions: a bottle opener, a can tab puller, putting venting holes on the top of cans, and cutting holes on the side of cans for drinking your booze shotgun-style. It comes in a design that resembles traditional railroad spikes, ensuring it will get people curios once they see it on your keychain. Construction is solid brass, by the way, so it won’t look like some cheap piece of metal, so it should suit your style, whether you’re a beer snob with hipster tendencies or a dude who wants to beat up beer snobs while you chug on a Bud Lite. Or something like that.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Beer Spike. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $17.

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