Believe It Or Not, The Deronda G400 Is Street-Legal


While it looks like a racing vehicle from every imaginable angle, the Deronda G400 is actually road-legal in every US state.  Even better, it drives like a dream and received a test run from the lucky guys of Autoblog to prove it, who claimed that the G400 “could be the quickest car we’ve ever driven.”

Speed is achieved via the power of a mid-mounted 6-liter V8 LS2 engine pulled out of a Corvette, combined with the curb weight of an ultra-compact car at only 1,890 lbs.  It grunts 400 bhp with 400 lb/ft of torque.  No word on the maximum speed on this thing, but you can imagine the insanity it has to offer with those specs.  To help you slow down where needed, the G400 fits dual-piston caliper brakes up front and single-piston units on the rear.  Custom suspension features horizontal-mounted shocks and control arms of uneven lengths.

Body features aero-inspired panels, built out of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Cabin is wide and spacious – there’s no roof so you can have as much headroom as you need.  It looks like you can speed through open highways and catch flying animals on your face with the low-cut street-legal windshield, although the reviewers said it offered ample wind protection.  Both the fiberglass seats and pedals are customizable to individual specifications, so the car can accommodate both giants and midgets equally (well, I guess it will).  Additionally, there are no doors, which makes boarding and getting off as cool as you want to make it seem.

Each car is hand-built and takes about eight weeks to put together.  Base price for the street-approved Deronda G400 is $64,000.  According to manufacturer Sirius Motorsports, though, most customers spend just under 100 grand by the time they finish with all the customizations.  With only a dozen of these rolling out annually, customers get a truly limited piece that can bring every other road car to hang its head in shame.


Via [Autoblog]