Belkin’s Wireless Charging Stand Lets You Watch Movies While Juicing Your Phone


At this point, there’s no shortage of wireless chargers in the market, with Qi’s wireless charging standard being integrated into everything from tables and mouse pads to power banks and more. Despite the growing ubiquity of the category, you still get the occasional gear that brings something new to the table: that’s exactly what Belkin brings with the Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand.

You know how most wireless chargers have a coaster-like design that lets you set them down on a table, so you can simply plop down your gadget on top to juice it back up? It works fine enough, but the fact that your device is lying flat horizontally means it’s not that convenient to use for a whole load of things. That’s not the case here.


Instead of setting your phone or tablet with the screen facing up, the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand is designed to hold your phone tilted at specific angles. Even better, it can hold your device in both portrait and landscape orientations, so you can orient your phone to accommodate what you’re doing, whether it’s going through a Snapchat Story, browsing Instagram, or watching a YouTube video. To achieve that, it, basically, takes the coaster-like wireless charger and mounts it on a slightly tilted frame, essentially using the charger as a backing to keep your phone in place.

This is a 10-watt charger, by the way, so it should offer faster wireless charging, whether you’re using it with devices from Apple, Samsung, or any other Qi-compatible product. It can detect the exact device charging from it, too, then adjust the power output to ensure optimal charging. That means, iPhones will charge at 7.5-watts, Samsung devices power up at 9-watts, and so on, essentially charging your phone in the safest and most optimal way, regardless of brand and model.


The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand comes with an LED light at the bottom and the right section of the charging disc that switches on when a device is properly aligned and charging on the stand, while lighting up in a different color when it detects a foreign object that could affect the charging. Why two LEDs? Because your phone will cover up one of the LEDs, depending on how it’s oriented – as in, the bottom LED will be obscured when you’re charging in portrait and the right LED will be covered when you’re charging in landscape.


Like other products in the Boost Up line, the stand comes with “premium shielding and precision resistors” that minimize interference, ensuring all phone functions (e.g. network signal, touchscreen response, Wi-Fi) are not disrupted, so you can perform any kind of task you want while charging. It’s also designed to work with all plastic phone cases up to 3mm, so unless you’re using a metal or a thick ruggedized case, you should be able to charge your phone without having to take the case off. It comes in four different colors.

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand is available now.

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W - Qi...
  • Charges in portrait or landscape mode, allowing for continued use of phone while charging