Bellicon Rebounder Is A Mini-Trampoline With A Unique Suspension System

A trampoline is one of those things I have always wanted to buy, but never really got around to scoring one.  I am pretty sure it would be a great workout option cause all that bouncing has to be  exhausting. Plus imagine all the funny videos and mishaps that we could capture. Well, until I get around to getting a full size one, this mini trampoline, the Bellicon Rebounder sounds like a really enticing option right now.

If you have always thought people bought mini-trampolines for practicing circus clown stunts, it turns out they’re actually marketing these as fitness equipment.  According to the product website, the mere act of bouncing up and down can cause your central nervous system to automatically flex and relax all 638 muscles in your body, making for a very efficient form of exercise (told ya so).

The Bellicon Rebounder is a German-engineered mini-trampoline that comes in three sizes: 39, 44 and 49 inches in diameter.  While there are plenty of other similar products in the market, this one features a unique suspension system that uses elastic bungee cords to hold the specially-woven mat in place of springs.  According to the company, this allows it to deliver a quieter operation and more elastic bounce — one that makes you feel like you’re floating the entire time.

Six legs hold the mini-tramp steady while you jump up and down.  The standard legs are screw-ins (which can take two minutes to put on and take off), although you can request a folding version (for stowing away much quicker).  They also allow you to equip it with handlebars, which should be a good idea if you like to bounce after a heavy drinking session.

You can get the Bellicon Rebounder now, with prices starting at $630.

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