Bellroy Pencil Case Doubles As Functional Valet Tray


It looks like any pencil case for grownups. You know, the kind that looks as refined as a well-made wallet. And the Bellroy Pencil Case can definitely serve as an excellent way to carry all the writing instruments and small accessories you need throughout the day. Except, it does something else.

Unlike traditional pencil cases, the container has an opening that can spread wide like a bowl, allowing it to serve as a valet tray whether you’re in the house, the office, or the hotel room. That’s right, the same thing that you use to hold your pencils, earphones, and cables can serve as the dumping place for the keys, coins, and whatever else you have sitting in your pockets, so you never have to dig around the pouch to find whatever you need from it.


The Bellroy Pencil Case is made from a durable woven fabric, so it should hold up well to ferrying your daily carrying stash, while leather details give it a luxuriously premium feel. It measures 7.9 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches (length x width x depth), with enough room in the compartment to carry any size of writing instrument, along with thumb drives, cables, keys, fidget spinners, pocket knives, and even small multi-tools. Simply put, this thing can serve as a viable EDC bag, provided you don’t need to bring anything bigger than those items.

To turn it into a valet tray, simply unzip the case’s opening and pull the sides wide to force the mouth to hold shape. From there, you can simply dump everything you want onto the main compartment, which holds open so wide you can easily see all the contents with just one glance. Seriously, even small clips in the corner will be completely visible as long as there’s ample light in the room.


Dimples at the ends of the case makes it easy to pinch the pouch during handling, making it easy to zip open and shut using just one hand. The YKK zipper comes with a long leather pull, too, so opening and closing, even while on the move, will be plenty convenient. Suffice to say, you can grab a marker while running through the airport dragging luggage won’t offer too much of a challenge.

Do you need a pencil case that folds out into a tray? We don’t know. What we know is, we’ve never quite seen one that combined those two functions before, making this quite the fascinating option as far as pencil cases go. I mean, being able to just open your pencil case like a bowl just makes grabbing stuff from it way easier, making it a perfect accessory when you want to get work done on the go. Say, you park on a table at Starbucks with a laptop, set your coffee down, and open your pencil case on the side – boom, you’ve got yourself a decent setup for getting some work done.


Available now, the Bellroy Pencil Case is priced at $39.95.

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