Belt Buckle Flask

You like getting your drink on while going about your day.  But you only need a sip every couple of hours to keep you calm, so a regular-sized flask (much less a giant flask) isn’t really worth the space it takes up in your pocket.  Maybe this Belt Buckle Flask will be a better fit to your minimal alcohol refueling requirements.

Like the name says, it’s a belt buckle that doubles as a functional wine flask.  That way, you reserve that precious space in your trousers for all the other small items that regularly cram inside your pockets, like your phone, your keys and  your Victorinox SSD.

The Belt Buckle Flask has two parts: an actual buckle that clips onto the band and a mini wine flask (with a hinged cap) that docks onto the buckle.  To ensure the flask doesn’t fall off when you move around, it’s attached to the buckle securely using a pair of magnets.   Both the buckle and the wine flask are constructed from stainless steel.

Measuring just 2.75 x 2.25 inches, it doesn’t look all that much bigger than a standard belt buckle. The minuscule size, of course, means it can only hold up to 2 oz. of your favorite alcohol at a time, so there’s also no chance you’ll get drunk with this thing.  For a little whiskey with your morning coffee and afternoon tea at the office, though, this sounds about perfect.

Kegworks has the Belt Buckle Flask available now, ready to serve your alcohol-sipping needs for $12.49.

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