Detachable Tops Allow The Bend Switch To Serve As Both Stool And Side Table


It’s not uncommon to use a stool as a side table, since it has a large enough surface to hold a few items together at just the right height. If you’re in the habit of doing that a lot, then you’ll probably like the Switch from Bend Goods, a stool that easily transforms into a handy side table.

Unlike repurposed items of furniture, Switch doesn’t look like a stool that you’re using as a side table or vice versa. Instead, it comes complete with a 22-inch glass top for setting things down in table mode, along with a cushioned seat for comfortable use as a stool, ensuring it looks just as good as any dedicated piece in your house.


Like the rest of Bend Goods’ furniture line, the Switch Table/Stool is crafted in a wireframe design, complete with intricate geometric patterns that make it a true sight to behold. The included stool comes with two sides – a soft padded seat on one side and a faux leather tabletop on the other, which you can use as a compact side table solution if the glass top is a little too big to your liking. With the entire frame constructed in iron, it should make for a functional, all-weather outdoor furniture, too – just add whichever accessory you want to use whenever you need it. Each piece is handcrafted and measures 17.5 x 18 x 18 inches (h x w x d).


Available now, the Bend Switch Table/Stool is priced at $380.


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