Bender Bound Hides Your Flask Inside A Hard-Cover Book

Tired of sliding a tiny flask down your pants just so you can sneak in alcohol to the movies?  Bring a book instead.  Not just any book, though — you need a Bender Bound.

You know how people glue the pages of books, carve a hole into the thick pile of pages and use it as hidden container for whatever crap they want to stash (like guns or drugs)?  It’s the same thing.  Except these guys carved out a space for a 250ml flask that you can fill up with your favorite poison.

Made from real hard-bound tomes, Bender Bounds pimp their products as “books filled with liquor.”  And we guess they’re not lying.  Set includes the book with a fancy glass flask sitting snugly in its secret compartment.   According to the company, they use glass because you can only leave alcohol in a metal container for so long before the liquor starts tasting funky (bad news for you, 1-Gallon Metal Flask guy).

All books they use are salvaged and reconditioned by hand down at a workshop in Brooklyn, so they look as mint as the day they left the press (or close to it, anyway).  Each one gets inlaid handmade decorative paper inside, so you can show them off for display at your home, too.  The current inventory includes books on law, finance, medicine and even programming for the alcohol-fueled code monkeys out there.

Pricing for Bender Bound’s alcohol-hiding books vary depending on the work that went into each.  Looking around the site, it looks like prices go from $99.95 up. You can pre-order one at Bender Bound.