Bendin Pen Case Is A Metal Toolbox For Your Writing Instruments


We’re big fans of the classic metal toolbox, both for its classical looks and proven utility in the jobsite. Heck, we were even big fans when someone decided to turn the metal toolbox into a functional grill. And we’re equally as big fans of the Bendin Pen Case, which houses your writing instruments inside a miniature metal toolbox.

Made by Japanese outfit Perrocaliente, it’s a pencil case clad in the form of the handyman staple (complete with a two-part lid), giving you a manly but whimsical way of carrying pens and other small office supplies. Unlike regular pencil cases that are wide to accommodate plenty of stuff, though, it’s very slim (it’s about as thick as a Toblerone), allowing you to easily carry it in a pants back pocket like any pen.


The Bendin Pen Case actually holds around three standard-sized pens, so actual capacity may vary if you carry chunky pens, extra refills, and whatever else. It’s made from finely-processed strips of stainless steel, so it’s just as durable as a regular metal toolbox, albeit at a significantly shrunken size. Apart from pens and pencils, it should make a great place to store a slim six-inch ruler, paper clips, and other small office supplies, while actual handymen can use it to hold nails, screws, and other fastening hardware. It comes in three colors: red, black, and silver.


Available now, the Bendin Pen Case is priced at $82.


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