Bene Coffice Combines Creature Comforts With Professional Function

Office chairs with an integrated armchair desk make perfect sense. Especially when you’re looking to equip a room with temporary workspaces. The Bene Coffice does it one better, piling on smart styling that makes you look good while slaving over a spreadsheet (or pretending to while playing Farmville, whichever the case may be).

According to creator Bene, the furniture represents “a fusion of the office with a cafĂ©.” Combining the comforts of a sofa lounger with the function of a desk chair, it should make an ideal fixture for lounges, airport terminals and other places where folks waiting for an appointment or a flight can pull out their laptops to get some work done.

The Bene Coffice features a contemporary design, complete with a cushy seat, low backrest, and steel frame and legs. It has one wide armrest that can double as a functional work desk with enough tabletop space to let you comfortably type on a notebook or read a book. It comes with two slots for power outlets on the front edge of the armrest, allowing you to plug in your computer, along with any other electronics you’re hauling around.

For those with more discerning tastes in desk chairs, they offer options that include a variety of upholstery materials (both fabrics and leathers in a range of colors), an onboard LCD screen (either 17- or 19-inches), a desk lamp or tray. They can also equip the same favors on a two- or three-seat sofa.

Price for the Bene Coffice is unlisted (available upon request), so expect to fork up somewhere in the upper ranges.

[Bene via HeMagazine]