Is This The Best F1 Simulator Screen Ever?

That 50-inch screen hooked up to your PS3 is nice and all, but let’s be honest — you’re not inspiring envy in your neighbors who come over with it.  When you want people to visit your living room and never want to leave, you need something like the Benny Drive 175-Degree Display.

Granted, we’re not sure how well this thing will do for watching movies – the size isn’t exactly proportioned to cinema standards.  For its intended purpose of being used as a screen during racing simulations, though, the damn thing should kick the ass of every other TV you’ve ever floored a virtual car in.

The brainchild of Norman Design, the Benny Drive 175-Degree Display is a 160-inch display that encloses you front and sides in immersive imagery (provided you sit close enough, of course).  To create the single seamless visual, it uses a series of rear-mounted projectors that are strategically positioned to create the stunning results.   The TV doesn’t need to be permanently installed (you can move it around like  regular TV), provided you’ve got enough muscle to lift up a 110-pound object with an unusual half-arc shape like this thing.

Designed as part of a full-featured F1 simulator, the full kit comes with a motion-capable seat, an F1-style body, an Intel i7 gaming computer, a Thrustmaster T 500 RS controller and bundled racing software.  The entire thing supposedly takes a mere hour to assemble.

The Benny Drive 175-Degree Display Kit is available from its creators, priced at $114,000.  If you only want the 160-inch curved TV, it’s sold with the computer and software onboard, priced at $28,750.

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