Cool Reads: The Bentley Book

What do you get a rich dude who has everything?  Well, it depends.  If you can afford it, more expensive things.  If your budget is under $100, then things get dicey.  Unless, of course, your rich friend is into Bentleys.  If that’s the case, you get them The Bentley Book.

An epic anthology spotlighting the 90-plus-year old carmaker, it chronicles the numerous masterpieces the luxury company has produced in that long stretch of time.  It delves deep into the heart of the British automotive marque, showing the richness of its history while highlighting its forward-thinking innovations over the years.

Bentley The Book is a hardcover volume spanning 304 pages, making for beautiful reading material to sit in the living room coffee table or right next to your rich friend’s garage of Bentleys (if you two end up beefing before Christmas, you can put in right next to a poster of a Continental GT V8 S in your bedroom instead — doesn’t seem so bad).  It covers all of the brand’s outputs over the years, from James Bond’s original Bentley 4.5 Litre to the modern Continental GTs.  Over 250 color and black-and-white photographs are included, along with detailed essays that tell the story behind each of the featured cars.   Basically, car porn for those who like their cars with a sophisticated British accent.  Or something like that.

Published by Teneys, Bentley The Book is available from Amazon, priced at $86.67.

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