BeoTime: Stylish Alarm Clock On A Stick


While it most closely resembles a whimsical flute, the BeoTime is actually a very stylish alarm clock.  Unlike what its shape might suggest, it’s not meant to wake up your wife so she can hit you over the head with it – although, I’m sure that can be arranged.

The tube-like apparatus is adorned with three tiny square display panels showing various information.  One shows the current time; another, the set alarm; and the third LCD shows the audio source.   Much like a regular alarm clock with a unique shape, right? Not really.


Created by Bang & Olufsen, the elegant-looking aluminum stick is fitted with a number of talents that help separate it further from the never-ending herd of morning rousers in the market.  The tube is fitted with an onboard accelerometer, which allows it to orient the display depending on how you’re holding the device.  Whether you’re left-handed, right-handed or like to hold the stick like you’re drawing a sword, all the information will show up oriented to your view.

A discreet chime is built into the BeoTime, which acts as the default alarm, further masquerading itself as a metallic flute of sorts.  On top of the time-telling and alarm capabilities, it also interfaces wirelessly with other B&O audio and video products in your home.  This allows it to switch them on and off, allowing it to trigger a full surround sound noise barrage to wake you up, along with having the option to turn off devices as a specified time (in case you want to fall asleep with the music on, for instance).

All the settings can be accessed via the center button, right next to the third display panel.  For snooze, all you have to do is simply tap on any part of the BeoTime to get it to shut up.   In case you want the alarm completely shut, just press on the metal plunger that protrudes at the gadget’s end.

Like you probably expected from a hyper-stylized Bang & Olufsen piece, the BeoTime doesn’t go cheap, retailing for a luxurious $375.  If you’re loaded enough, however, what sexier bedside fare can you really stock up on?

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