Best Electric Wine Opener: No More Stuck Corks

As much as I love my Screwnicorn, I hate opening wine.  More often than not, I mess it up.   If you’d rather be drinking than fiddling around with stuck corks, the Best Electric Wine Opener should figure in your next shopping list.

Granted, the “best” tag is really just a title bestowed upon it by Hammacher Schlemmer, so take it with a grain of pixie dust.  Still, anything that requires me to do as little work as possible to open that bottle of vino that’s been chilling in the bucket will probably end up as the best corkscrew I’ve ever used anyway.

The Best Electric Wine Opener is a 9.5-inch long tube-shaped gizmo with a handle on top and an electronically-controlled corkscrew at the bottom.  Two buttons on the body control the movement of the worm (down or up), making the whole business of uncorking a simple push-button affair.  It comes with a charging stand that can juice it for up to 40 cork-removing sessions when fully charged.

To make sure it hits the center of the cork every time, the device will latch onto the wine bottle’s neck first before thrusting the worm, minimizing the potential for breaking.  It works with both synthetic and natural corks.

Want one?  Hammacher Schlemmer has the Best Electric Wine Opener, priced at $39.95.

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