Best Gifts For Your Yoga-Loving Friends In 2019

You know the easiest people to shop for? The ones with a hobby, since you can choose a gift based on whatever activity they frequently engage in. That’s what makes shopping for that friend who does tripod headstands with lotus legs for fun such a straightforward affair: just buy yoga stuff. And there is so much of them, you’ll never be short of options, whether you shop now or wait until the oncoming Christmas rush (like you normally do every year).

Lululemon The Reversible Mat

Arguably the best yoga mat in the market, Lululemon’s highly-acclaimed yoga mat has two differently-constructed sides: one with a smooth polyurethane material and another made with textured rubber, so you can have your pick of which surface feel you can do your poses on so much better. Both sides actually provide plenty of grip and traction even in the sweatiest conditions, making this one of the few mats you genuinely won’t need to reinforce with a towel when doing hot yoga. It’s around a quarter of an inch thick, which is pretty standard for yoga mats, and the dual-material composition gives it very comfortable padding.

If you’re thinking of buying a yoga mat as a gift that its recipient will actually use (and probably even replace their current mat with), this is the can’t-go-wrong pick. It comes in two sizes.

Buy Now – $68

Gaiam Athletic Duramat

For the friend that can’t stand the strong smell of rubber yoga mats, this one made entirely from compressed PVC foam can provide a much-appreciated gift, as it provides comparable support and stickiness to the best rubber yoga mats out while containing neither the rubber odor nor the latex, which can irritate some individuals. Similar to Lululemon’s mat, it also has two sides: one that’s smooth and one that’s textured, so you can choose which surface you prefer using much better. It’s wider and longer than traditional yoga mats by a few inches, all while having the best firmness out of any foam mat we’ve seen – a quality your recipient will absolutely appreciate


If your friend’s already got a beloved yoga mat, then you can buy them something they can use to carry it to class. This 8oz cotton canvas bag is one of the most stylish out there and also happens to be one of the most cleverly-designed, with a compartment that holds the mat semi-vertically with only a slight tilt, an opening that will keep the mat from falling off when you’re on the move, and a strap that keeps it close to your body, so it won’t cause a hassle in more crowded spaces.

Granted, it doesn’t have plenty of storage beyond your yoga mat, a towel,  and a few other essentials (just one large exterior pocket and a zippered one in the interior, although there’s space inside for more than a mat), but if your friend doesn’t carry a gaggle of gear to yoga class, we imagine they’ll find frequent use for this tote.

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag | The ORIGINAL YogiiiTote |...
  • The ORIGINAL - Yogiii is the ORIGINAL Creator of this Style of Yoga Bag. The YogiiiTote was made to...

Yoga Dice

Sometimes, you just want to do yoga in the privacy of your home. And while there’s countless video guides on YouTube you can follow, turning your solo yoga into a game of dice does change things up quite nicely. Even if your friend prefers doing yoga in a sweaty studio with a bunch of other folks, they will likely enjoy this gift as a nice novelty – something they can use for those lazy weekends that they want to do some poses while catching up on their Netflix watch lists.

This set contains seven dice, each of which has different poses on every side. All seven asana categories are covered, so there’s a wide variety of poses you will be doing, while the added element of randomness from a dice roll should make your solo yoga workout just a little more engaging.

Chronicle Books Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice,...
  • YOGA POSE DICE: Mix up your regular yoga stretching routine with the roll of a dice.

Gaiam Restore Strength & Flexibility Kit

When done seriously, yoga can be a serious test of physical flexibility and strength. That’s why, the better shape you’re in, the better you’ll normally perform. For those days you’re not visiting a studio, doing some light resistance work with this set of elastic bands can prove a great alternative workout, allowing you to strengthen upper body muscles, condition your core muscles, and even straighten up your posture. At 60 inches long apiece, these three bands, which come with different levels of resistance, can be used for a wide variety of resistance band workouts, although the set does come with an exercise guide that’s tailored for yoga practitioners.

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Manduka Yoga Refresh Kit

With exposure to sweat, dirty floors, and general bodily grime, yoga mats can get dirty as heck. Keeping it clean is an essential part of yoga practice. The spray-on cleaner included in this kit, which also includes a microfiber hand towel, will freshen up your mat without taking away the stickiness that makes it so useful for holding all your poses, allowing your mat to stay hygienic without losing its most important qualities. It can be used both for deep cleaning or a light daily cleanup, making this a versatile cleaner that a yoga enthusiast can use all year round. We love how convenient it is to use, too, requiring just a few sprays that you leave on for a bit and you’re good.

Manduka Non Slip, Absorbent, Quick Drying eQua...
  • The Manduka eQua hand towel and all-purpose yoga mat spray leaves your mat dry, and smelling fresh...

Hugger Mugger Yoga Block

If you had to buy one gift for a yoga buff without any forethought, the safest you can get is probably a yoga block. This accessory can be incorporated in nearly any yoga pose to refine your posture and provide support, especially for more difficult poses. Even if they already had one in their stash, having additional blocks on hand is always a welcome thing, as some poses will benefit from using multiple blocks. This particular model is made from cork, giving it a natural texture that provides extra grip and traction, while rounded corners and edges provide comfortable support, regardless of what pose you’re doing.

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block - Naturally Grippy...
  • Lighter than coarse-grain cork typically used in other yoga blocks