Bring Better Ergonomics To Your Workspace With The Best Laptop Stands

Hunching over a laptop is fine and all, unless you’re going to be doing that for an entire workday. When that happens, it can lead to literal pain in the neck, along with similar discomfort on the back and shoulders. It’s not fun. While a laptop stand sounds like such a simple accessory, its ability to elevate the laptop screen above eye level can do so much to improve your computing experience, as it gives any laptop-based workspace much friendlier ergonomics.

These laptop stands should help fix your posture while working on a laptop, sparing your neck, back, and shoulders from potential strain.

Nexstand Laptop Stand

This portable and affordable stand is easy to deploy and collapse, all while being very stable once properly set up. It has six height settings from 5.5 to 12.5 inches, although the adjustment mechanism will require you to remove your laptop off the stand each time you raise or lower it. You will also need to make sure you lock it in before placing a laptop or things can turn dicey. If you’re willing to put up with those minor inconveniences, this offers arguably the best balance of price, function, and portability.

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Grape Lab G.Flow Stone Foldable Stand

Most laptop stands you see in this list have an aluminum build for good reason: it needs to be sturdy enough to support the heaviest laptops out there. This unique laptop stand, on the other hand, is cut in a single sheet of recycled stone paper, which, apparently, is made using 70 percent limestone powder, a waste material in industrial limestone mining. They folded the sheet in an accordion-like pattern, folded the rear section to give it a tilted angle, and folded some layers out front to keep the laptop from sliding off the surface. Surprisingly enough, it works. Not only that, it’s both waterproof and resistant to tearing, so it’s a step above regular paper. And since it’s paper, the whole thing conveniently folds into a bundle, allowing you to tuck it in a drawer when not in use.

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Rain Design iLevel 2

The iLevel 2 doesn’t elevate your laptop particularly high. It doesn’t give you a comfortable time typing on the keyboard, either. Instead, all it does is elevate the laptop screen at a comfortable height by tilting the platform upward, which you can achieve by simply moving the mechanical slider control at the base. Seriously, it’s the easiest adjustment control we’ve ever seen in a laptop stand. Construction is anodized aluminum, so it’s both durable and reasonably light, with protective rubber pads on the sections that come in contact with both the laptop and the desk. There’s even room in the back for stashing a mouse and keyboard when you’re done.

Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand...
  • Adjust height easily with front slider and elevates the screen to eye level for better posture

Twelve South HiRise

Twelve South likes making accessories for Apple products and they make some of the nicest-looking ones. While designed for MacBooks, this laptop stand should work with any laptop, making it a stylish-looking addition to any workspace. It uses a spring-loaded stem to easily adjust the height of elevation up to six inches, which can then be locked into place using the integrated screw knob. We actually like the adjustment mechanism. While not as easy as Rain Design’s slider, it’s a safe and straightforward way to raise and lower your laptop without removing it from the docking surface.

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook |...
  • HiRise aligns your MacBook or laptop with an external display for the ultimate dual-screen setup.

ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

Some people prefer to elevate their laptops at varying heights, depending on what they’re doing. If you’re one of those, you’ll want a stand that can support multiple heights and angles. If you want maximum height options, this sturdy aluminum stand from ObVus Solutions does just that, allowing you to elevate your machine anywhere from 2 inches to 21 inches off the desk surface, all while being able to tilt in a variety of angles, so your screen can actually be higher than 21 inches. Do note, all adjustments are done manually and will require a bit of force, since they made the joints pretty stiff to ensure it holds position, regardless of the height and angle you set.

obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand |...
  • Rated Best Overall Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck in Wired Magazine: Sturdy, easily adjustable, and...

Rain Design mBar Pro+

Want the most minimalist laptop stand? We haven’t seen anything more barebones than this simple aluminum frame structure, which can fold completely flat while weighing less than half a pound. It only elevates the laptop screen to one height (5.5 inches), which should be enough for most people, all while being sturdy enough to keep it in place the whole time you’re working. They even include a carrying sleeve, so you can bring it along when you’re working on the road.

Rain Design 10084 mBar Pro+ Foldable Laptop Stand...
  • Portable folding stand. Lightweight and slim: 0. 45 pound and 0. 5 inch when folded.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma

No, your laptop stand doesn’t need multicolor LED lighting. If you still want that on the feature set, though, Razer’s got you covered with this non-adjustable stand that tilts the laptop by 18 degrees to give it an optimal viewing angle. The programmable multicolor LEDs are all out in front, so you can treat yourself to a colorful light show as you work. Since you’re going to have to plug it to an outlet to get those LEDs running, they also threw in three USB 3.0 ports in there, so you can use it as a charging hub for your gadgets.

Buy Now – $99.99

Grovemade Wood Laptop Stand

If you want the most stylish laptop stand for your workspace, this wooden accessory from Grovemade just might be the thing. It looks much like the outfit’s wooden monitor riser, albeit with the platform set up at a tilted angle, so putting a monitor on there will just likely make it slide and fall front-first to the desk. Construction is all-wood in either walnut or maple finish, with a metal stop covered by a leather lining out front to keep the laptop from sliding off the platform. When used, it elevates the laptop’s screen to six inches off the surface, while the overkill construction allows it to support weights of up to 200 pounds. Yep, 200 pounds, so you can put the most ridiculously large and heavy laptops from history on there with no trouble.

Buy Now – $170