This Coffee Mug Comes With A Hot Plate Lid For Keeping Donuts Warm


It doesn’t matter what mug you use to put freshly-brewed coffee into your body. As long as it gets there, you’re good to go. If you like to take your time with your morning cup while partaking on a donut, though, we have a feeling you’ll do best drinking that coffee from the Best Morning Ever Coffee Mug.

Sporting a “hot plate” lid at the rim, it covers most of the top of the drinking vessel, trapping the heat in to ensure your coffee stays hotter for longer. Even better, that plate can be used to hold the donut, bagel, or muffin you’re having for breakfast, warming it while it sits there, so you can enjoy warm bread and hot coffee, which sounds a heck of a lot better than cold donut and lukewarm coffee any day of the week.


The Best Morning Ever Coffee Mug comes with two openings on the lid – a small one for left-handed users to sip out of and a large one for right handed folks.  No, the big hole doesn’t mean right-handed coffee drinkers need larger gulps (although we have no data to suggest otherwise). Rather, the large opening was created to make it easy to pour coffee from a pot, as well as to facilitate easier cleaning. Oh yeah, the small hole can also function as a moustache guard for bearded coffee drinkers, so this is a veritable all-in-one for anyone who likes their hot coffee with warm donuts.


Available now, the Best Morning Ever Coffee Mug is priced at $16.95.

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