BestTechTool’s Adapter Lets You Use The Leatherman Tread As A Regular Watch Bracelet


We’re big fans of Leatherman’s upcoming Tread Tempo, which adds a timepiece to their highly-original multi-tool bracelet. But what if you just want to use the Tread as a bracelet for your current everyday watch? That’s where BestTechTool’s Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter comes in.

Designed to screw as additional links onto a standard Tread bracelet, the adapter immediately turns the erstwhile bracelet into a functional watch band for your favorite timepiece. Whether you’re looking to pair your bracelet multi-tool with a tool watch, a smartwatch, or a GPS sports watch, this thing should let you do that in a relatively easy manner.


The BestTechTool Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter comes in 11 variants: one each for 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, and 26mm lug widths, as well as specialty models for the 38mm Apple Watch, a 42mm Apple Watch, Casio G-Shocks, Garmin sports watches, and the Fitbit Blaze. They’re designed to work with normal straight spring bars, not screw pins or curved spring bars, so if your timepiece comes with those, then this is not the solution for turning your Tread into a functional watch bracelet. You can check for the complete compatibility list directly from the outfit’s website.

That wide selection means it should work with most traditional watches in the market, from cheap Timex models and expensive Swiss mechanical creations to tool watches and dress watches. Granted, we doubt you’ll want to pair this with a dress watch since, you know, that will destroy the erstwhile elegance and refinement of the timepiece, but it’s an available option if you so desire.


To install the BestTechTool Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter, there are three basic things to do: remove the watch’s existing strap, install the adapters on the Tread, and put the watch onto the adapter. For removing the watch strap, the kit includes a pin removal tool that you can use to easily detach the band from its connection to the lugs. To install the adapters, on the other hand, start by measuring the size of the Tread along with the watch and adapters and compare it to your wrist, then remove one or more links from the Tread until you get the proper size. You can then install the adapter using the same screws used for the Tread’s individual links and attach the watch either using the original spring bars or the generic ones that come with the kit.


Of course, the whole reason why Leatherman delayed releasing their watches is because they found out that using the multi-tool can actually damage the watch (they need to handle the torque), so we’re not sure how safe this setup is to use with your watches. If you’re only doing it for aesthetic, though, and don’t plan to actually do any repairs with your watch band, we guess it won’t be a problem. Just make sure to keep that in mind if you do decide to add a multi-tool bracelet to one of your expensive timepieces.

The BestTechTool Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter is available now.

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