Caperon Puts A Cape On An Apron, So You Can Save The Day At The Next Barbecue


Whenever there’s a barbecue going on, there are no two ways about it: whoever’s wearing the apron is the hero of the party. He’s the guy minding all the burgers and steaks, saving them from imminent overcooking. She’s the one keeping everyone fed. The true hero of every barbecue deserves an equally heroic costume: that would be Betabrand’s Caperon.

An apron with an integrated cape, it reinforces the protective cooking garment with a superhero-worthy cloak around the back, allowing you to run around the backyard like an old-school superhero. That way, you can legitimately look the part of a superhero while you keep the barbecue, tailgate, or outdoor cookout running with your supernatural talents around the grill.


The Betabrand Caperon is an erstwhile normal-looking apron with an all-American star-spangled theme, albeit with a similarly star-spangled cape situated at the back. It’s made from regular cotton and, thus, contains no latent superpowers, so it will tear, stain, and catch fire from the grill just as easily as any other cotton apron. Basically, it’s fine for cooking, just don’t try to fight any crime with the darn thing. It’s for the superhero of the Sunday barbecue, not an actual superhero with supernatural powers, after all.


To complete the all-American theme, it pairs the blue star-spangled fabric with red straps that boast easy adjustment to ensure optimal fit both front and back. Features include a holster for your cooking utensils, a wide front pocket, and a utility loop.

Now crowdfunding at Betabrand, the Caperon is priced at $62.40.

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