Style Yourself Like A Medieval Archer With Betabrand’s Marksman Hoodie


We’ve seen many versions of Robin Hood across different media. While we’ve loved the many costume variations we’ve seen him don in each of those appearances, there’s no way you’re going way to pull off wearing that in real life without looking like you’re dressing up for the local Comic Con. Although the same sort of holds true for Betabrand’s Marksman Hoodie, it does end up looking perfectly normal as soon as you take the hood down.

Sporting a medieval-style hood, the garment will make you look like a legitimate character from the Prince of Thieves’ time, whether it be the heroic outlaw himself, one of his associates, or some unrelated schmuck who likes to dress up like a character from Assassin’s Creed. Or something like that. Either way, it’s a nice way to add some medieval swag to your wardrobe without going full-throttle and sporting an actual costume.


The Betabrand Marksman Hoodie is made from seersucker fabric (50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester), which is both lightweight and breathable, with knit ribbing and a paneled body. A two-tone green/gray design gives it a stylish character that plays really well with the slim fit. Accompanying the medieval hood are a few traditional hoodie elements, including two hand warmers right on the front inseam, a drawcord with stoppers, ribbed cuffs, and a ribbed waistband. Bow and arrows not included.


Currently crowdfunding over at Betabrand, the Marksman Hoodie is priced at $128 (with 20 percent off during the pre-order phase).

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