Betabrand Space Jacket Adds Astronaut-Wear To Your Wardrobe

The day of consumer space travel is upon us. At least, if you can afford the exorbitant fees they charge for space vacations and such. For the rest of humanity, we’ll have to make do reading about rich people’s space forays and dream that one day, we too can get on a ship that will take us to places where gravity does not apply. In the meantime, you can daydream in style with the Betabrand Space Jacket.

Inspired by NASA’s spacesuit, it lets you accessorize your everyday outfits with an astronaut-like aesthetic. Sure, you probably can’t use the “I’m an astronaut” line to pick up chicks in the bar anymore these days, but you can, at least, kinda look like one.

The Betabrand Space Jacket uses a white and non-woven Tyvek shell that looks legitimately like the EVA suits that spacedudes wore in countless movies and television shows. It comes with quilted lines of stitching that resemble the paneled surfaces you will find on spacecrafts. Designer Steven Wheeler claims it isn’t just a sweet-looking jacket that announces you are a giant space nerd to the world — it should be perfectly serviceable as an actual flight jacket for present-day astronauts going on missions to the International Space Station, too. Just in case you get called up there or something.

Features include Primaloft Sport insulation, silver nylon taffeta inner lining, elastic bindings around the cuffs and hood, and a Velcro-armed left chest for sticking any of the included space agency patches. Yes, you can make your own and stick it there, too, if you’ve always fancied yourself an alien from another galaxy sent to Earth to collect comic books and play Warcraft all day.

You can preorder the Betabrand Space Jacket now, priced at $265.50.

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