Betabrand’s Under-the-Jack Backpack Offers The Most Convenient Way To Carry A Single Laptop


There are few bags more convenient than backpacks, since they free up your hands and keep your gear from getting in the way. When all you’re carrying for the day is a single Macbook or Windows laptop, though, going out with even a medium-sized backpack can feel like too much bag for too little gear. That’s not the case with Betabrand’s Under-the-Jack Laptop Bag, which has to be the slimmest backpack we’ve ever seen.

How slim? The whole thing measures just 1.5 inches thick, making it possible to wear under a jacket or a hoodie, while looking like you’re not traveling with anything in tow. It’s so slim that you can sit, lie down, and even make your way through a packed crowd comfortably without having to take it off, making it feel more like a part of your attire than an extra accessory you have to worry about.


The Betabrand Under-the-Jack Laptop Backpack is, basically, a laptop sleeve with backpack straps, combining the size of the former with the convenience of the latter, making for just the right bag to bring along when you’re going out with a laptop and nothing more. Aside from the main laptop compartment, it comes with a smaller zippered compartment, just in case you need to bring charging cables, power banks, or other small gear along. Two sizes are available, one for 13-inch laptops and another for 15-inch computers, each one with a total capacity of 0.13 and 0.16 cubic feet, respectively. Features include a padded backside for comfort, adjustable straps, and 100 percent polyester construction.


Priced at $68 with a December ship date, you can order the Under-the-Jack Laptop Backpack directly from Betabrand.

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