This Beer Mug Solves A Problem We Never Knew Existed


Drinking beer from a large glass mug makes sipping your sudsy beverage feel like a more masculine affair. Problem is, the size of that large mug ensures the other side of the mug is always blocking your view of the TV every time you take a swig. If you’d rather not miss any part of what’s on TV every time you quench your thirst, you might want to trade that in for the Better TV Viewing Beer Mug.

Unlike regular mugs, this one has a sloped edge on top, essentially removing the part that blocks your line-of-sight whenever you swig. Whether you’re watching a close nail biter of a ballgame, a pivotal battle scene in your favorite TV series, or an action-packed eSports contest on Twitch, this thing ensures you never miss a single second of action, no matter how many bottles of beer you empty.

The Better TV Viewing Beer Mug is only made from plastic, so it won’t quite feel as substantial as your favorite glass mug, although that means it also won’t break when you drop it after having a few too many. Despite the sloped shape, it holds around one pint of your favorite suds, so you won’t need to hit the fridge more often than usual. Do note, the unique shape severely shrinks the opening of the mug, which means this thing will be a lot tougher to clean up.

Available from Perpetual Kid, the Better TV Viewing Beer Mug is priced at $10.99.

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