Between the Lines Is A Coloring Book For People With Limitless Patience And Concentration

Between the Lines, subtitled an “Expert Level Coloring Book,” is impossible to color properly with crayons. At least, if you’re intent on staying inside the lines. Filled with intricately detailed lined drawings, you’re going to need steady hands and some finely-sharpened colored pencils (preferably with this Clockwork Sharpener we love so much) to properly do the trick.

Illustrated by Peter Deligdisch, the book contains a variety of artwork, from pieces that look like some kind of Polynesian tribal design to a mess of junk metal hanging off a ceiling to ornate decorations that belong up a castle’s walls. Regardless of the theme, each illustration is filled with a ridiculous amount of detail, making the job of laying down color feel like solving a complicated maze.

The book contains 22 different artworks, all hand-drawn and selected to provide a diverse coloring experience. Difficulty for each piece will likely vary depending on your preference and approach, although we’re almost certain you’ll pull your hair out at some point with any one of them. Seriously, talk about a way to kill time — we bet this will kill a lot of it (and maybe dash some hopes and dreams, too, when you mess up while finishing the last few uncolored spots). If you finish a page successfully, though, the combination of the intricate illustrations and your masterful coloring could be pretty enough to frame and hang up for display. Or, at least, stick onto the fridge door next to your daughter’s kindergarten doodles.

Remember when coloring felt fun and carefree? Yeah, “Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book” will quickly kill that notion. It’s available from Amazon, priced at $13.50.

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