Beyerdynamic Shrunk The Drivers On Their Flagship Headphones For These New Xeleneto In-Ears


Beyerdynamic’s flagship T1 headphones has always figured in conversations about the best set of cans in the market. A lot of that comes courtesy of their unique Tesla drivers, which redesigned the transducers to increase magnetic drive to higher levels. This time around, they’re putting the same tech in a more portable form factor courtesy of the Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote.

A pair of in-ear headphones, it hosts a redeveloped version of the outfit’s Tesla drivers, which use ring magnets 16 times smaller compared to those on the reference T1 cans, along with air gaps in the micrometer range. Despite the smaller size, the drivers boasts complete coverage of the acoustic range in a way that the outfit describes as a precise and neutral manner.


The Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote pairs those drivers with an extended frequency response to make subtle details audible and a precise bass to round out the sound on the lower end. It comes with seven sizes of ear tips, each with an oval cut, to ensure you can find one that perfectly fits your ear’s anatomy. That same oval cut, by the way, will provide a precise fit without the usual sensation of pressure you get from in-ears.


Features include 1.3-meter silver-plated cables coated in Kevlar, gold-plated MMCX 3.5mm plugs, and a watertight construction that ensures trouble-free outdoor use. It comes with an inline remote for controlling the volume and music playback, along with an integrated mic for taking hands-free calls.

Available now, the Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote is priced at €999.

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