Bibliochaise Is A One Sweet Looking Chair Equipped To Hold Up To 300 Books

Your Open Book Lounge Chair makes for a great standalone reading station, complete with a load of shelves for books, a comfy seat, and a place to set down your cup of coffee. But what if you’ve exhausted all the shelf space and need something with even more room for your reading materials? This Bibliochaise looks like the perfect replacement.

Equipped to hold up to 300 books, it’s actually more bookshelf than lounger, although it does come with a comfy-looking seat where you can park yourself while digging into that novel you bought two years ago but never quite yet got to reading. Oh yeah, you have 299 others just like it, so better get going.

The Bibliochaise’s book racks feature an unusual design where they allot individual compartments for every single book. Sure, it feels like a wasteful use of space, although it also does ensure everything is neatly and securely tucked. Plus, the segregated compartments help keep the piece looking great even when there’s not a single book slipped on the shelves. Those shelves, by the way, look like they can work great for storing a whole load of stuff beyond books, including remotes, tablets, chocolate bars, dirty socks, and, yeah, this thing can get gross really fast. Might as well just restrict it for reading materials.

It comes in three models: Home, Plus, and Glossy. All three measure 39.76 x 33.07 inches and use the same shelving configuration, although each of the three models employ different materials and finishes for the wood and cushions.

No pricing is listed for Bibliochaise, but you can learn more from its creator’s website.

Check It Out via TheAwesomer