Oh Look! An Almost Spill Free Cupholder For Your Bike

We’ve seen a cupholder for bicycles before, but so far, I haven’t really found one that I can buy.  Hey, people who commute to work on bikes need to carry their morning coffee, too.  Maybe Bookman’s Cup Holder will finally be the one to bring bicycle riders that convenience.

Designed to mount right on the bike, you simply attach it onto the handlebars using the integrated spring clamp with the cup area hanging out.  Again, make sure it’s hanging out, so if any untoward incident happens, the coffee spills out to the front tire, rather than straight down to your pants (unless you decide to do an ill-advised wheelie, of course).

The Bookman Cup Holder comes with two concentric rings that sit at different heights.  Put the smaller ring on top to hold regular cups and the larger ring if you prefer your drinks more Venti-sized.  When not in use, the entire thing can fold flat, so you can slip it in a backpocket or a pouch outside your bag.  There’s no video demo on the product website, so we’re not sure if this will keep its hold through potholes, sharp turns, and sudden stops, although that spring clamp does look like it comes with quite a sturdy grip.  Oh yeah, make sure the cup’s lid is popped in tight, lest make a mess before you even get past the first street corner.

Available for preorder with a mid-April ship date, the Bookman Cup Holder is priced at €29.

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