XL Weighted Blanket Is An Oversized Bedding Made For Two


Weighted blankets are great. Not only do they trap in warmth to keep you toasty like regular blankets, they promote better sleep with the light pressure the added weight applies to your body. The Big Blanket Co. takes those excellent elements and applies them to the oversized XL Weighted Blanket.

Just like regular weighted blankets, the bedding is designed to help you relax much better during sleep, reducing cortisol levels and increasing serotonin, which should improve a person’s mood while reducing anxiety. Unlike those existing products, though, it covers a whopping 12,000 square inches, allowing you to share a single blanket with another person, so you and the partner can spend the night under a single bedding.


How oversized is the XL Weighted Blanket? Extremely. You know how most weighted blankets in the market measure 72 x 48 inches? Well, this one goes above and beyond with dimensions of 120 x 100 inches, making it even larger than king-sized comforters. While it’s massive in size, it’s not entirely much heavier than smaller weighted blankets, as it tips the scales at just 30 pounds, compared to the 15 to 25 pounds of the smaller, competing products. That means, the weight is a lot more spread out on this blanket, which is great if you prefer lighter-than-usual pressure, although you can always fold it down the middle and cover up with two layers if you want to feel a little more heft (we know, that sort of defeats the purpose of a really large blanket, though).

For its part, Big Blanket claims the 30 pounds is the ideal weight they found during testing, which, they claim, offers the perfect balance of weight and comfort. Instead of using plastic beads like many similar products, glass beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket give the bedding its built-in heft, so folks wary of micro-plastics and their environmental impact can rest assured they won’t contribute to the growing global problem.


The XL Weighted Blanket consists of two elements: a weighted core and a machine-washable duvet cover, which you can easily take off for cleaning once it gets a little too funky for comfort. The core is made from 100 percent polyester and needs to be hand-washed for cleaning (the glass beads make it impossible to use in a washer), while duvet cover is cut in a cooling and moisture-wicking cotton material that will keep you warm in colder months and cool in warmer climates. It’s also supposedly very soft, so being covered in it will be as luxurious as your favorite comforter.


To ensure the cover doesn’t accidentally slip off from the core, it uses heavy-duty ties to secure it in place, while a heavy-duty zipper at the bottom makes it easy to take off the core as soon as the duvet requires some necessary cleaning. The duvet, by the way, comes in three colors: dark gray, navy, and light gray.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the XL Weighted Blanket. Price is $229.

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