Big Face Animals: Possibly The Most Awesome Dog-Print Shirts Ever

You smell like a dog.  It could be because your German Shepherd climbed into your bed while you were sleeping.  Or it could be because that’s just your natural scent.  Either way, wearing these Big Face Animals shirts will give you the look to go along with your smell.

Made by The Mountain,  the shirt actually comes in  a whole host of animal designs.  The dog faces are easily the best of the bunch, though, since dog heads appear to match the classic tee shape with the proportion of the faces done up so the sleeves look like the mutts’ ears.

The dog-plastered Big Face Animals come in several styles.  They have a black one with a black labrador, a dark brown shirt with a boxer, a brown tee with a bulldog, a black one with a doberman, a light brown tee with a golden retriever, a brown one with a mastiff and another brown shirt with a pitbull.

Seriously, the designs are so good that the faces look like they grew out of the shirt, instead of just being a print.  I guess it’s designs like these where The Mountain’s unique process, where they dye the cotton with ink, really shines (yep, those prints aren’t airbrushed).   The shirts feature an oversized relaxed fit and come in a selection of sizes (small to triple XL).

You can get the Big Face Animals dog shirts, along with a whole host of other animal designs that aren’t as cool (like tigers and pigs), from Amazon.  Price is under $18.

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