Big Green Egg MiniMax Grill Combines Small Size With Spacious Cooking Area


We’re big fans of Big Green Eggs’ kamado-style charcoal cookers, with its ability to not just grill and roast but also smoke and bake food items. If you ever wanted a smaller version that can fit in a tabletop, but aren’t too keen on the tiny dimensions of the Mini, the outfit may have found the perfect middle ground in the form of the Big Green Egg MiniMax.

Offering nearly double the Mini’s cooking area, the new grill comes with a 133 square inch cooking surface. According to the outfit, that’s enough room to cook four burgers, two steaks, a 12-pound turkey, or even a whole chicken in one sitting, making for a compact but highly capable cooker you can conveniently keep on table in the backyard.


The Big Green Egg MiniMax measures 19.5 x 16 inches (height x diameter), so it won’t be too hard to find space for, whether in the backyard, on a tailgate, or during camping. Like the rest of the outfit’s cookers, it’s made from ceramic, with a 13-inch stainless steel cooking grid inside for setting whatever meat you’re putting to the fire. Oh yeah, while it’s definitely small, it’s not lightweight, tipping the scales at a hefty 90 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about Uncle Boyd tipping it over once he’s a little too tipsy from the suspiciously cheap beer you got flowing on the kegerator.

Available now, the Big Green Egg MiniMax is priced at $599.

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