When Finished, This Big Hug Puzzle Looks Like A Pile Of Cuddling Shmoos


We’re not entirely sure what kind of creatures comprise the Big Hug Puzzle. What we do know is, once the entire thing is stacked correctly, it creates the image of a family of blob-like creatures hugging each other in one giant embrace. It’s adorable.

Designed by Aamu Song for Salakauppa, the stacking puzzle is really nothing more than interlocking, curvy slices of wood. With simple lines drawn along one edge to look like eyes or mouths, though, they end up looking like some kind of cuddly monster creatures (think Shmoo from the classic Lil Abner comic strip from way back in the day), especially when huddled together in the puzzle’s completed form.


While designed to stack in a giant cuddle, the Big Hug Puzzle can be stacked in other ways, each of which will look like whatever your imagination wants it to be. Are those blob-like monsters forming a cheerleading pyramid? Why is that little blob creature sitting on another blob creature’s head while another blob creature is trying to push him off? Is this still a toy for children because I’m sure I saw this formation in an adult movie before? Yeah, people are going to have fun with this in your desk at work.

Manufactured in Finland, the toy is made from birch wood, with a natural finish. It consists of just nine pieces and measures 175 x 140 x 15 mm when stacked in the recommended “big hug” pattern.

Available from Desigmuseo, the Big Hug Puzzle is priced at €32.

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