Wear These Bigfoot Pushover Slippers Over Your Dirty Boots To Keep Them From Dirtying The Floors


When you’re working in the yard, you wear boots. Chances are, those boots are dirty. Chances are, at some point during the work, you’ll want to come inside the house for one reason or another. And chances are, you won’t want to remove your dirty boots because it’s a chore to have to put them back on again. Chances are, the wife will get mad. And chances are, you’d rather not have that. So instead of leaving everything to chance, just put on these Bigfoot Pushovers over your boots and do whatever you want inside without getting dirt anywhere in the joint.

Basically, they’re like boot covers. Except, instead of having to buy disposable ones each time out, just clean these after a job and use them again for the next one. They’re slippers. For your boots. Just like Inception, it’s “shoewear” for your footwear.  It’s awesome.


The Bigfoot Pushovers are, basically, oversized slippers sized to take a thick boot, rather than a bare foot. Designed to fit footwear easily, they feature a formed upper that will cling to your shoes firmly, with a rubber-lined flap in the back that will secure it over your heel. Construction is felt, so they should be soft on your boots, not that your boots need it, considering it’s been slumming in mud all day. To clean, simply hand wash it and air dry. Or leave it in the backyard in plain view, so your wife will get annoyed and clean it herself. Yeah, sounds better.

Available in three sizes, the Bigfoot Pushovers are priced at $34.50.

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