You Can Soon 3D-Print An Entire Table In One Go With The BigRep One

Will the day ever come that we can 3D print an entire house in our backyard?  Between advancement in materials (3D printing in carbon fiber and fiberglass) and larger build sizes while retaining reasonable prices, we have a feeling it may come sooner than later.  Here’s another product pushing the boundaries in that space: the BigRep ONE.

Billed as the “biggest FDM 3D printer in the market,” it boasts a ridiculous 1.3 cubic meter build size.  For the metric-impaired (and by that, I mean myself), that’s roughly 45 x 40 x 47 inches, allowing people to create some seriously large-scale 3D projects.

Not only does the BigRep One support FDM 3D printing, it also has optional support for CNC milling, making for one versatile addition to any serious workspace.  It supports a wide range of materials, namely PLA, ABS, PVA, HDPE, Nylon, TPE, Laywood (a mixture of wood and polymers), and Laybrick (a sandstone-type filament).  Details include a resolution of 100 micron – 1mm, two tool heads, and a frame constructed entirely from lightweight aluminum.

While this type of large-scale 3D printer has been available to businesses for a while, the BigRep ONE will retail for around 1/16th of similar-sized offerings (according to their website, at least) in the market.  At $39,000, it ain’t cheap, but that puts it well within reach for small businesses, friendly neighborhood maker geeks, and supervillain mad scientists who spend their free time selling craft at Etsy.  Shipping is slated for April.

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