Bike All Hangs Your Bicycle By The Saddle

We’re no strangers to bicycle racks around these parts and we’re loving the creativity that’s going into a lot of them, from the carved-in style of the Bike Shelf to the freestanding talents of the Michelangelo Gravity Stand.  The Bike All, though, doesn’t just intend to be a rack for hanging your bike, it’s meant as an all-in-one spot for holding your daily bicycle accessories, too.

Created by Colorado-based Board by Design, it’s a wall-mounted storage unit with a bottom panel where you’re supposed to hang a bike by its saddle.  Yep, not by the frame and not by the tires — but by the seat.  We’re not sure how safe that is for your saddle and seatpost’s well being, but we’re guessing they did some thorough testing with no untoward incidents.

Aside from suspending your bike, the Bike All also comes with extra hooks on the bottom where you can hang your messenger, lanyards and other strapped items.  The top side of the storage panel acts as a shelf where you can set down your helmet, gloves and riding accessories.  You can also use it to display vanity pieces if you need the extra decor.  It measures 20 x 16.5 x 7 inches (l x d x h), with walnut hardwood construction.

From what we can tell, the Bike All should be able to handle any type or size of bicycle, as long as you haven’t taken out the saddle for whatever reason.  It’s available from Board by Design’s Etsy shop, priced at $270.

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