Bike By Me Lets You Custom Color Your Own Fixed Gear Ride

Bike By Me is a Swedish company that offers fixed gear bicycles in customizable colors that it will ship anywhere in the world.  Granted, that’s not really earth-shattering, since any decent-sized bike shop where you can assemble your own rig will probably allow you to do the same.  However, they do offer a web-based tool that lets you deck the bikes in a variety of fancy colors, making it quite the handy utility.

What can you customize?  You can select eight  individual colors for each of the tires, rims, frame, grip, chain, saddle and metal parts.  Choice is limited to two frame sizes, large and medium, while the rest of the bike components will be the same for all orders.

All the bikes feature a light steel alloy frame (4130 CrMo), grooved handgrips, leather seat and, of course, a single-speed gear.  According to the company, the idea is to make the process of buying a bicycle as simple as possible, while affording customers a satisfying amount of customization.  While we doubt the hardcore cyclist next door would even bother, casual folks in search of a good-looking city bike should find the process particularly convenient.

Want one?  Head on over to the Bike By Me website, custom-color yourself a fixie and place your order for a flat price of €499.

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