Bike Porter Redesigns The Handlebar, Integrates A Basket Without Looking Tacky


It isn’t unusual to see a bike with a basket out front. While usually not sexy, it brings extra utility to your mechanical ride.

It’s quite difficult to find attractive baskets, though, especially ones that will go with your bike’s overall styling.  As such, most people compromise, either using a mounting basket they can remove when not needed or just going with the least odd-looking unit they can find.

Goodmorning Technology’s new bicycle part, the Bike Porter, integrates the basket right into a two-wheeler’s handlebar.  The result is surprisingly pleasant, outfitting the bike’s steering handle with a built-in basket, while making no sacrifices in style.  Ridiculously simple, it hurts my head to imagine why nobody ever thought of this before.

The Bike Porter, including the basket, is made from tubes, which makes it a perfect fit for the rest of the bike’s body.  It’s designed to attach to the fork easily, installing just like any normal handlebar.  It comes in many different colors and may be bought with integrated bags (since the design will allow smaller items you put into the basket to fall through).

To achieve an attractive form, Goodmorning Technology made sure to fashion the basket at a moderate size, large enough to fit most grocery bags but small enough not to skew the ride’s overall appearance.  Since it’s an actual part of the handlebar and not a screwed-on basket, the Bike Porter can be used for carrying heavy items without worrying about having it dislodge.

Goodmorning Technology’s Bike Porter is not yet available, although the Copenhagen-based design company is planning to take it to market soon.

[Goodmorning Technology via NotCot]