Highson Suit Commute Lets You Bike With A Formal Attire In Tow

Wearing a suit to work while riding a bicycle is about as smart as wearing summer clothes on your way to Antarctica, so finding a way to neatly pack a business attire while pedaling through the streets is a must. Look no further than the Highson Suit Commute, which lets you hit the road while keeping your office wear completely wrinkle-free.

You’ve probably seen guys riding to work on a fixie while wearing a three-piece suit. Not only does the attire make biking a chore, it leaves them looking like a dirty mess in the office.

The Highson Suit Commute is a waterproof bag that works as a combination backpack, holdall and pannier. You can load it on your back like a regular rucksack, carry it using the handle on the side or attach it to your bike. Designed to hold your neatly-pressed suit without ruffling it, the bag comes with a removable hanger system that you can also equip on a scooter to carry the clothes hung-up. Not only does it fit in your suit, shirt and trousers, it comes with space for your shoes (up to UK size 12s), laptop (up to 17 inches) and towel too (so you can wipe down before dressing up).

Bag itself measures 25 x 41 x 53 cm, with a 41-liter maximum capacity. It supposedly meets most airline hand luggage requirements, so you can use it for your travel needs, as well. Other features include a high-waist strap (for easier movement on the bike), rip-stop fabric, an ability to compress the bag down to 10cm and an iPod pocket on the straps.

Bike-ridin’ suits can get the Highson Suit Commute for £39.99 (around $60).

[Highson via Gizmag]