Biktrix Moto Boasts 100 Miles Of Range For All-Day Riding Around The City

There’s no shortage in electric bikes out there, whether you want one for daily commutes, weekend adventures, or a mix of both. And while we’ve seen ebikes with impressively long range, they also tend to look a little weird, often needing large enclosures to house the larger battery arrays, making them look more motorcycle than bicycle. If you want extended range without giving up that barebones bicycle aesthetic, you might want to check out the Biktrix Moto.

Designed for city cruising, the ebike boasts an impressive 100 miles of range, allowing you to ride for long periods without needing to swap batteries or find a power outlet. That’s around three times the capacity of typical electric bicyles, making it viable for far more than short commutes, so you can use it for both work, play, and everything else you do in between.

The Biktrix Moto is able to hit that maximum range with a dual 48V battery module that boasts a total amperage rating of 42Ah, allowing you to ride through a good patch of the city streets and alleys before needing to recharge. Even better, it does that without adding ugly body panels to hide the batteries, as the modules are safe enough in their own compact downtube enclosure, so your ebike still looks like a bike (albeit, with a battery housing where the bottle cage usually sits). In case you don’t need that much range, you can also opt for the cheaper single battery option, which will cut the range in half (and the price by around $600).

It pairs that battery with a 750W geared hub motor that automatically gets that rear wheel turning, while single-speed chaindrive allows low-maintenance human propulsion for those times you venture too far out for that 100-mile range battery to hold up. That motor, by the way, is electronically limited to 20 mph top speeds to comply with most local laws, although you can opt for the unlimited version, which will allow it to go up to 28 mph. According to the outfit, by the way, the motor is strong enough to let you ride up hills without needing any extra effort from your legs.

The Biktrix Moto uses a cadence sensor to activate the pedal assist, which automatically kicks in as you ride, although it also comes with a thumb-activated throttle if you want to get an instant boost to send you flying forward right off the bat. A front-mounted display lets you see relevant information about your ride at a glance, with all the electronics and wires neatly integrated into the boxy, moped-style frame.

It comes in two sizes: medium and large. The former gets 20-inch wheels and takes riders up to 5’5”, while the latter gets 24-inch wheels and accommodates riders up to 6’2”.  Other features include dual-piston hydraulic brakes for reliable stopping power, a LED front light that can be controlled from the handlebar control pad, compact fenders to keep your bike clean, a chain guard for snag-free riding, a motocross-style seat, and a small rear rack for carrying some light cargo.

The Biktrix Moto is available now, priced at $2,299 for the single-battery option and $2,898 for the dual-battery model.

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