Bilbao Tree Shelf Turns A Minimally-Altered Tree Into A Functional Wall Shelf


We’ve seen trees and their multiple protruding branches serve as inspiration for storage furniture several times before, including wall shelves, freestanding bookshelves, and even coat racks. The Bilbao Tree Shelf is another one in the long line, using an actual tree that’s reinforced with glass shelves to serve as wall-mounted decorative storage.

Designed by Chile-based Sebastian Errazuriz, the wall-mounted shelf uses an actual tree sourced from Chile, making it look like a tree that somehow grew out of a wall in your house. Instead of reshaping the tree into flat shelves like previous creations we’ve seen, the artist makes modifications that retain an organic form by incorporating glass panels, which he mounts on top of the branches to serve as storage shelves.


The Bilbao Tree Shelf is named after the street where the artist found the fallen platano oriental wood that he used as the bookshelf frame, twisting, turning, and readapting the branches so they can rest flat against the wall. It has two sections that rest on the floor, looking like they’re keeping it standing, although it actually relies on partially hidden stainless steel hardware to keep everything in place. It measures 96 x 120 x 14.5 inches.


Check out the link below to see more pictures of the Bilbao Tree Shelf.

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