BioLite HeadLamp Takes A Streamlined Shape For Better Comfort


There are plenty of available options when it comes to headlamps, whether you’re using it to explore caves, hike trails at night, or fix a car by the side of the road. Problem is, most headlamps remain bulky, making them highly inconvenient to use. And while there have been modern headlamps with a more streamlined profile, we can always use a few additional options. That’s exactly what the BioLite Headlamp brings to the table.

Instead of having a big enclosure protruding out front like traditional headlamps, this one has an enclosure that protrudes very slightly from the strap, such that it’s almost flush on the headband. In fact, the enclosure’s completely integrated with the strap, so the light won’t be bobbing up and down even while you run, jump, and stay active while wearing it.


The BioLite HeadLamp uses a custom molded housing that’s built into the strap’s fabric, enabling it to maintain a streamlined profile while moving with you as a single unit, so the light will always shine wherever you’re facing. They managed to streamline the front panel by moving the battery to the back, so the front enclosure exclusively holds the electronics for the actual LEDs. According to the outfit, this leads to a headlamp with a more balanced feel, since having most of the weight in the rear means the whole thing wears slightly upwards while feeling so natural, you’ll easily forget you’re wearing one.

The strap itself is made from a fabric that’s moisture-wicking, so it won’t accumulate sweat and smell nasty when you wear it for extended periods of time. Clips on the band make it easy to adjust the fit, with plenty of available positions, so it should be able to fit flush on any size of noggin.


The BioLite HeadLamp has LEDs that produce 330 lumens, with a flood option that can reach 16 meters and a spot option that allows the illumination to reach 75 meters. It has dimming options, so you don’t need to use the full brightness at all times, as well as a red flood option when you want to use the light at camp without waking everybody up. Even better, it will remember the last brightness setting before it was turned off, automatically adjusting to that as soon as it’s turned on. The LED enclosure, by the way, can be tilted into one of three angles, so you can shine it at your desired position without having to move your head.


A 900mAh rechargeable battery in the rear provides power to the light, allowing it to run at the highest brightness setting for 3.5 hours and at the lowest setting for up to 40 hours. All electronics are enclosed in splash-proof enclosures, too, so as long as you don’t dive in a lake with the headlamp on, the darn thing should hold up to the elements.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the BioLite HeadLamp. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $49.

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