Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box Destroys Bad Smells, Circulates Fresh Air

Cats are cute, but their excretions are absolutely acrid. Forget to clean the litter box for a day and the entire room will bask in the aroma of a seriously barbed stink. Emphasis on “seriously,” by the way. The Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box remedies this problem by bringing in its own air purifier, which automatically removes all the unappetizing odors that characterize your favorite neighborhood cat lady’s abode the minute you open the door.

Nipping the bud right at the source, the advanced filtration system strains out all that awful stink before it even leaves the litter box, all while sending fresh air across the room. Keep the electronic air purifier on and never have to suffer through those awful olfactory sensations again.

The Bionaire Odor Grabber is a 24 x 14 x 18 inch litter box with a rolltop lid that keeps spills away from your floors, all while allowing easy access for cleaning. More than just a place where your cats can get rid of their daily wastes, it integrates an air filtration and purifying system that keeps smells both in and out of the box at a pleasant grade.  A pre-filter installed in the setup keeps harmful debris (litter dust, dander and fur) from finding their way through the filter, lengthening its usable life before needing to be replaced.  The whole thing operates quietly too, so it won’t scare your cat into taking its act to a nearby flower pot.

Clad in a sexy-looking, stylish body, it’s not hard to mistake this for a kitchen appliance, so make sure you don’t unwittingly put it next to the juicer and the toaster. Not only will the cat make a mess of your counter top, someone might mistakenly reach in (since it doesn’t stink) curiously. Ugh.

Buyers get two sets of extra filters with a purchase of the Odor Grabber Litter Box, which currently retails on Amazon for $97.20.

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